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Medical Marijuana Passes in Missouri

Medical Marijuana in Missouri

In November 2018, Missouri voters overwhelmingly expressed support for medical marijuana in their state.

Of the 3 measures on the ballot, Amendment 2 was considered to be the most conventional option on the ballot. It was also the most similar to the measures adopted by other states. It will impose a 4% tax on retail medical marijuana sales, and the proceeds will be used to support veterans’ health care in Missouri.

Since Amendment 2 has passed, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will now be charged with promoting the state’s industry regulations and making business license applications available by spring of 2019. There will be three categories of licenses available in Missouri.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Licenses 

  1. cultivation licenses for growing and selling medical marijuana
  2. licenses to manufacture marijuana-infused products
  3. dispensary licenses to sell marijuana or marijuana-infused products to qualifying patients.

In addition to outlining which medical conditions will qualify a patient to purchase medical marijuana, Amendment 2 also gives physicians broad discretion to determine that a particular condition does qualify a patient to purchase medical marijuana. To accommodate expected demand and facilitate industry development, Amendment 2 also sets large minimum numbers of licenses in each category.

While a large number of licenses will be issued in Missouri, this is already a very competitive industry. Only the most serious, experienced and well-prepared applicants are likely to secure their desired license. To have the best chance of obtaining a license, it’s important to begin the process as soon as possible and consult with experienced legal counsel to understand your next steps.

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