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Arkansas Money & Politics Covers Issue 1

The October 2018 issue of Arkansas Money & Politics illustrates all sides of Issue 1 — which you may see on the ballot in November, pending a ruling from the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Issue 1 is a proposed Constitutional amendment that would do these 3 things:

  • Limit punitive damages awards for claimants in lawsuits for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death to the greater of $500,000
  • Limit the fee paid to attorneys if the claimant recovers money from a civil lawsuit
  • Takes rule making authority from the Arkansas Supreme Court and gives it to the legislature  

According to Arkansas Money & Politics, the Family Council Action Committee is one of the groups leading the fight against Issue 1.

Jerry Cox, the organization’s founder and president, says in the article, “We are opposed to Issue 1 because it puts a price tag on human life. And the way it does that is by shielding big corporations, corporate nursing homes, trucking companies and other big corporate interests from accountability through a lawsuit if they injure or kill someone out of their reckless behavior.”

Former Arkansas Attorney General Chief of Staff Carl Vogelpohl supports Issue 1 and argues that Arkansas has trouble recruiting doctors and growing businesses because “small business owners worry about frivolous lawsuits.”

These  groups support Issue 1 — and also stand the most to gain, financially:

  • The Arkansas Chamber of Commerce[15]
  • The Arkansas Medical Society[16]
  • Pulaski County Medical Society[17]
  • Arkansas Trucking Association[17]
  • Arkansas Health Care Association[17]
  • The Poultry Federation[17]
  • Arkansas Hospital Association[17]
  • Arkansas Economic Developers and Chamber Executives[18]

Our own Paul Danielson has been an advocate against Issue 1 in Arkansas and is quoted in the article:

Danielson queries the desire by Issue 1 supporters to attract businesses looking to relocate to a state with a weakened justice system.

“If someone is bringing their business to our state because we are not going to hold them accountable for any wrongdoing they might commit, do we really want them here?”

Arkansas Money & Politics hits the nail on the head with the title of this article: Every Vote Counts.

If you’re not registered to vote, you still have a few days left to register, so your voice can be heard.

Text REGISTER to 644-33.

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