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Marijuana Law

Marijuana Law

Legal medical and recreational marijuana is rapidly expanding across the US, with a growing number of states now regulating production and use, including: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and others. This opens up significant opportunities for new business ventures and investments. While sales are expected to add billions in revenue, this is still a highly regulated industry. In every state, there are strict licensing and compliance requirements, affecting every aspect of business from intellectual property law to healthcare, agribusiness, land use, and employment.

Danielson Law Firm’s Marijuana Law practice area has experience advising and assisting companies to both secure and keep licenses to cultivate cannabis products, manufacture marijuana-infused products, and dispense flower and infused products. 

More than half of all Americans live in states with laws allowing the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. Several other states are developing commercial recreational marijuana industries. Almost all remaining states now allow the cultivation and sale of cannabis for the limited purpose of manufacturing oil and other products infused with CBD.

While this expansion promises new jobs, new revenue, and many benefits for residents, this new business opportunity comes with the burden of understanding and complying with each state’s legal framework, which is often managed by multiple regulatory agencies.

We help our clients navigate these complex and varied state laws and regulations — while also minimizing federal law concerns. Cannabis growers, distributors, processors, investors and others turn to Danielson Law Firm for practical advice on tax issues, real estate, intellectual property and employment law.

Our attorneys can:

  • Prepare and submit all licensing and permit applications along with related paperwork and documentation
  • Assist clients with business organization and business model development
  • Assist with legal due diligence, analysis and documentation of investments in the medical marijuana industry
  • Handle legal due diligence, negotiations and preparation of contracts with business owners, banks, insurance companies, vendors and other business partners
  • Lobby and represent our clients’ business interests to elected officials and administrative agencies charged with regulating matters related to the industry
  • Provide legal analysis regarding the selection of proper locations for dispensaries and cultivation centers
  • Manage property leasing or purchasing contract negotiations, as well as any issues related to financing and zoning
  • Interface with local, state and federal governments on tax, securities and other regulated issues
  • Develop employment contracts that are in compliance with state regulations
  • Provide compliance support including facility audits
  • Assist with acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures

In The News

SLANG Worldwide (one of the world’s leading cannabis CPG companies) has announced a new strategic partnership with Elite Cultivation LLC to offer its branded cannabis products to patients throughout the State of Oklahoma.

We were honored to advise Elite on the SLANG transaction, and we know this will be enormously beneficial for Oklahomans!

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