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Insurance Disputes


The lack of sufficient insurance coverage has the potential to devastate a company and/or household. In lieu of proper coverage, one can expect to be solely responsible for any and all debt associated with damages or injury caused by an unforeseen incident.

Wisely, consumers are savvy enough to understand the risks that may befall when uninsured or underinsured and act accordingly. Consumers are able to obtain a wide variety and levels of insurance coverage pertaining to health, life, and assets. Insurance coverage not only provides assistance during times of unpredicted events but also peace of mind. But what happens when an insurer unjustly suspends payment or even rejects a valid claim?


The insurer has a responsibility to the insured to honor the terms of the insured’s policy. A dispute may occur if an insurer refuses a legitimate claim, deliberately postpones examining or paying a claim, or even offers a low-ball amount in comparison to the policy’s intent. Insurance litigation is a means used to handle these types of disputes with the insurer.

Insurance companies typically have more negotiation skills and/or influence not to mention expanded resources than the average consumer. These facts can make it complicated and daunting for an insured to personally negotiate with the insurer. It would be in the best interest for the insured to obtain a skilled representative to negotiate on their behalf.


When seeking a representative, an attorney experienced with insurers and policies is important. A skilled attorney is knowledgeable of consequences and penalties that may be placed on the insurer for aforementioned unjust acts relating to a claim. A skilled attorney should also be able to understand and explain the contents on the insured’s policy, level out the negotiation power difference between the insured and insurance company, and recognize whether an offer is fair in relation to the insured’s policy.

Often times, insurance litigation can be settled out of court.

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