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Mr. Lippard is an Associate at Danielson Law Firm.

Mr. Lippard took his bachelors of arts from the University of Arkansas in 2009 before taking his juris doctor from the University of Arkansas School of Law in 2014.

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Kyle Lippard focuses on these practice areas:

Criminal Law


Finding the right divorce lawyer can be the difference between a faster, less-expensive divorce and a long, drawn-out (and more costly) process. Danielson Law Firm is well equipped to handle all forms of divorce — from an uncontested divorce to more complicated cases.


No one looks forward to any aspect of divorce in Arkansas, but sorting out a child custody agreement may be the single greatest hurdle for couples with children. Doing what is best for your children and what is fair for you requires a lawyer with experience — like Kyle Lippard.


A guardianship in Arkansas is a legal arrangement that assigns responsibility for another person, allowing you to make decisions on their behalf and protect their interests. If this is the right path for you, we will help you through the guardianship process.


One of the most rewarding parts of our legal practice is when we can help Arkansans start or add to their families through adoption.

Oil and Gas

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