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Meet the Dogs of Danielson Law Firm

dogs at workWhen you walk into the lobby of Danielson Law Firm you might receive a friendly greeting from Sasha, Ellie, Parsley, LuLu, Scarlet, or Lucy.

No, these aren’t names of receptionists or law clerks — they are the pets of our staff! Our employees’ furry friends are welcome at work with them, and you’ll likely find at least one of them here any given day. While it may be unconventional for other law firms, bring pets to work has become common practice for many businesses, with benefits ranging from increased productivity to decreased levels of stress. From tiny Sasha the Chihuahua to Ellie the Doberman, the four-legged companions of Danielson Law Firm offer more than just adorable tail wags at the office (though there are lots of those!).

The Perks of Pets At Work

Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace have a variety of benefits on all employees — not just their owners. Some studies show that pets make employees happier at work and help to relieve stress. Just as people use pets in environments like college campuses for help with stress and anxiety, having pets in the office can provide the same benefits. An unexpected bonus of having pets present in the office is the reminder they provide to get up and move. With pets around, everyone is reminded to take breaks to walk around, take the pet outside, or simply take time to breathe and remove themselves from work for a few minutes. Often, this leads to more productive workdays and happier, healthier employees. When office air becomes stale and the workload overwhelming, taking Ellie outside for a quick walk gets us moving and feeling rejuvenated.

When it seems the to-do list might never end, a break to cuddle Parsley might be just what the doctor ordered. We’ve also found that when a client is discussing sensitive issues such as custody of children or the estate of a parent, a small nudge from Sasha can provide much-needed comfort.

Having dogs in the workplace is now increasingly seen in professional businesses, and we’re 100% on board!


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